KeePass password safe with synch

It is useful to have a password safe on your smart-phone or tablet. It is even more useful to synch the contents with a PC with Linux, Mac OS X (10.6) or Windows.

The synch can be done with the program Dropbox, which is also available for the most important operating systems.


Mac OS X KeePass

Unfortunately just for the version 1 of KeePass a native program version is available, see the screen shot on the right side.

A Mac OS X version for KeePass 2 version is also available, but the Android version does support up to now just KeePass version 1 only. Despite, the Mono linked version does not look very good unter Mac OS X.

So, up to now the chain works well with KeePass version 1.

The program Dropbox (Version 1.2.49) must also be installed. The KeePass Database file will be placed in the Dropbox folder. The synch will be done automatically.

Usually it is more convenient to enter the KeePass data in the PC environment, but you can do also in the smart-phone or tablet.

Please avoid to change both sides before synch, otherwise one side wins, and you are confused.


Android KeePass

The Android version of KeePass is named KeePassDroid in the market, see the screen shot on the right side.

The Android version of Dropbox is 2.0.1 and available in the market. The data file folder under Android 2.3 is in parallel:

/mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ extern, and
/sdcard/Android/data/     intern

Because KeePassDroid has setup the extension .kdb for its use, the best way to start is to start via Dropbox.
Program Dropbox will show the available files in the Dropbox. Then tap on the xxx.kdb database file. This will download the actual file from the Dropbox in the cloud and start KeePassDroid.

If you do not have Internet access in the moment, the last downloaded database file will be used.

Then you have to enter the password for the KeePass database and you have the actual data in front of you.

As soon, as you leave the program, the changed database file will be synched with the Dropbox cloud server and your PC.

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