Outlook Zarafa Sync

It is the main purpose of Zarafa to sync to MS Outlook. In order to prepare Outlook for the Zarafa access you have to install the Outlook-plugin zarafaclient.msi under Windows.

Please see for detailed installation instructions in the Links.

To do the setup, open in Outlook the menu Extras/E-Mail-Konten....

The window is named Zarafa Collaboration Platform. You have to enter the Server name (IP number), the Port 236, User Name of the Zarafa account and Password.

You are also able to use a SSL connection, please see the instructions in Links.

For a better understanding of the data flow, please see a diagram in AndroidSyncPrivate#Data_Flow .

Outlook Zarafa Contact Sync

Because you are able only to insert single contacts in Outlook and Zarafa, you have to find a method for mass import.

Under Windows 7 there exists a not so obvious method for doing so, please see at the Links.

First you split the vCard file with Windows Contacts (Import). I could find Windows Contacts by the search function only, in Start. It was not visible in the program tree.

If you import a vCard (.vcf) File from Android, please convert before Import the character coding to ANSI (e.g. with Notepad++).

The single xxx.contacts files are located in:

C:\User\name\contacts  or C:\Benutzer\name\Kontakte

When you import the .vcf File, you have to click OK, or hit Enter for every contact.

Then back in Outlook you import all contacts:

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