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I wanted to sync the Android Contacts with the Mac OS X Adressbuch (Addressbook). This could not be done the groupware Zarafa, please see ActiveSyncZarafa.

What can be done is a one way sync from Zarafa via sabre-zarafa to Mac OS X Adressbuch (Addressbook), please see ActiveSyncZarafa/SabreZarafa.

A direct contacts synch is now done via Z-push coming together with Zarafa, see ActiveSyncZarafa.

For a better understanding of the data flow, please see a diagram in AndroidSyncPrivate#Data_Flow .

Fortunately there is the free edition of SyncMate, which allow to sync Calendar and Contacts to the Mac.

Features wanted:

It is important to know, that SyncMate does not take care about the Android accounts. SyncMate will sync to the telephone account only. If you are using an Exchange account only, you better stay with a Vcard file transfer for the contacts.

I will describe what I found in the following chapter.

SyncMate installation and use

Program SyncMate for Mac OS X, I have installed:

Program SyncMate for Android, in the market. It is possible to sync via:

Then you have to setup in SyncMate under Mac OS X a connection to the Android device.

It is important that you setup in Adressbuch (Addressbook) and select in SyncMate the group contacts, no matter what language you have on your Mac. Otherwise your contacts from the Android device will not be shown in the Adressbuch (Addressbook) after sync. Have also a look in the Knowledgebase #1 and Knowledgebase #2.

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