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I do not like to sync my private data with an external server (eg. google). I want to keep my data at home.

On the other hand, it is important to make a backup of your data on a regular base. It would be nice to have an automatic sync.

In the previous years, I worked with a Palm organizer, and there you had your desktop program for Linux (limited), MAC OS X, and Windows. So, all you need was within one program. The sync was done manually via the hotsync program.

Because I do not need that for business, the cost for programs and service should be low. As a benefit, I have a private Linux (Ubuntu) sever at home, which works with Dynamic DNS.

All communication is done via TCP/IP. As an option you should access your private data via Internet with a secure connection like SSL.

Types of data

Please take care, that you could have more than one contact account, which could be synched:

  • Telephone contacts
  • Google mail contacts
  • Exchange server contacts

They all will be merged into one display, and it is sometimes difficult to figure out which contact comes from which account. You can see the account type only, if you edit the contact. That is not very user friendly.

With the calendar it is better, because each account is shown in a different color. If the Exchange server does show a different color for the account in the calender than the smartphone, it can be confusing. But I did not found up to now a method to change the color, in order to make them consistent.

Palm specificts for contacts
If you export Palm contacts in vCard format under Mac OS X with Palm Desktop, long telephone numbers are modified into a format xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. That may be useful in USA, but not in Europe.

If you export Palm contacts in vCard format under Windows with Palm Desktop (ver. 4.2), the character coding is ANSI. But you need UTF-8 character coding under Android, escpecially for Umlaut in German. The easiest solution for that problem was to convert from ANSI to UTF-8 without BOM (EOL = CRLF) under Windows with the editor Nodepad++.


A MS Exchange ActiveSync clone Zarafa is used, please see ActiveSyncZarafa.

In order to sync Contacts to the Mac Adressbook you need Sabre-Zarafa which works with the protocol cardDAV, please see ActiveSyncZarafa/SabreZarafa.

Notes are not standard in Android. Freeware App Note Everything is used for that, please see AndroidNotes.

Usually you need an App to encrypt all your passwords. For that purpose the freeware KeePass is used. It is available also on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
On Mac OS X KeePass version 1 is available only.

For syncing the encrypted data the Dropbox is used, please see AndroidKeePass for all details.
Dropbox is also available on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Synching to Windows is done via MS Outlook (max. 3 clients in freeware edition of Zarafa).

Data Flow

The following diagram was generate with freeware graphviz.


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