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At https://www.banggood.com I have seen a low cost (12 EUR incl. shipping) DIY Inductance Capacitance Frequency Meter Tester Kit (ID: 1360199) with a processor STC89C52 and a housing (Acryl).

Unfortunately no documentation was offered.

It was delivered within 14 days, and now the search for the documentation started.

A kit with the name secohmmeter-capacitance-meter-inductance-meter-frequency-meter was offered from company saintsmart.com, and they had a link to the documentation (schematic, C source code).

All electronic parts are clearly labeled on the upper side of the PCB. But with a schematic it is a lot easier to understand.


A Video about the kit is also helpful, especially the comments.

A mouse click on a picture will increase to to a bigger size.

I will try following to improve the documentation.




See the picture above.

There a 4 x 2-pin screw terminals for the DUT (Device Under Test):

# from left to right
Capacitors|Inductors|Frequency| polarized Capacitors
                     IN    GND  IN    GND

There are 6 push button toggle switches:

# from left to right
                                           Power ON
Capacitors|Inductors|Frequency |big pol. C|small pol. C

/!\ Before you measure release all measuring switches. Only one switch at a time must be on.


Electronic Details








The housing is made well, with some exceptions:




Temperature Drift

If the zero point drifts, it will be shown if the C- or L-button if OFF and the mode was selected before.

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