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In this category the topic takes care about Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzers build before the year 2000.

I own a HP1631D Logic Analyzer (build 1984), 40 channels State-, 16 channel Timing-Analysis and 2 analog channels (scope).
The scope has a bandwidth of 50 MHz and a sampling rate of 200 MHz. As accessory I have a preprocessor for RS232, RS449 and GPIB bus and the suitable Inverse Assemblers.
The draw back is the weight (18 kg), power consumption (275-300 W) and the noise (63 dB(A)).

The power supply specification in service manual 01630-90916 page 8A1 (195) tells for +12 V just a maximum of 0.25 A. Hence, a modern 12 V fan can not be connected in place.

Fortunately I found a 230 VAC replacement, which lowers the noise by about 4 dBA, see here.

Now I have upgraded to a HP1652B Logic Analyzer (build 1989). The weight is now 10 kg, the power consumption 150 W, and the noise 57 dB(A), so just the half of the older one. It has 80 State- and Timing-channels.
The two channel scope has a bandwidth of 100 MHz and a sampling rate of 400 MHz.

The benefit and also drawback is the build in floppy disk. It allows more easily to load and store data and programs, but to get a replacement for that part, what can wear out, is not so easy. Also to get the old DS/DD floppy disks are no longer easy. Also the exchange of the LIF format with FAT16 Format. Fortunately you can get a Win32 command line tool for reading and writing LIF floppy disks at .

The build in fan has the specification of 100 CFM at 12 VDC, size 120 x 120 x 40 mm. I could lower the fan noise to an acceptable level with the compatible fan Titan TFDA12025:

My favorite are the Inverse Assemblers and GPIB support. Unfortunately very little public information exist about the Inverse Assemblers. Fortunately I made it to port the GPIB Inverse Assembler to the HP1652, see here.

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