DockStar Development under Mac OS X

MacFuse, fuse-ext2

With MacFuse and fuse-ext you can have access to the ext2/3 files system of Linux (e.g. USB stick). Unfortunately it is mounted read-only. If you change a script "/System/Library/Filesystems/fuse-ext2.fs/fuse-ext2.util" it is possible to have write access, but it should be used with care.

in /System/Library/Filesystems/fuse-ext2.fs/fuse-ext2.util in start of function Mount () about line 207
There add "rw+" at the end:

VirtualBox, Ubuntu 10.10

It is also possible to mount an USB stick in the VirtualBox (ver. 3.2.10) with Ubuntu (ver. 10.10). There are some things to take care about:

  1. In parameter System dedicate only 1 CPU to the VirtualBox.

  2. There is a sequence to take care about:
  3. Plugin USB stick while VirtualBox is OFF

  4. Start VirtualBox, but not Ubuntu

  5. In VirtualBox add the USB stick to the USB filter

  6. Unmount the USB stick in Mac OS X
  7. Start Ubuntu, it will auto mount the USB stick

In Mac OS it is also possible to connect to the serial link of the DockStar. Please see at Serial Link inMac OS X

It explains also about PUTTY and iTerm, screen and F9 and F10 function keys.

WinSCP Replacement Fugu

I found as a !WinSCP (Secure CoPy) replacement program Fugu Freeware.

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