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The cooling fan of the Linkstation can be controlled in speed in 4 steps. Also the rotating speed could be read out. In case you have a failure, in the #Hardware section, technical details and supplier links are documented.

Software Control

An extensive description of the /usr/local/bin/miconapl commands are in the file:

With the function fan_set_speed [stop|slow|fast|full] the speed setting can be either set or read out:

root@NAS-100:~# /usr/local/sbin/miconapl -a fan_set_speed fast
root@NAS-100:~# /usr/local/sbin/miconapl -a fan_set_speed

With the function fan_get_speed the rotations per minute could be read out:

root@NAS-100:~# /usr/local/sbin/miconapl -a fan_get_speed

stop = 0 rpm
slow = 1800 rpm
fast = 2500 rpm
full = 3500 rpm

With the function temp_get the temperature in degree celsius could be read out:

root@NAS-100:~# /usr/local/sbin/miconapl -a temp_get

As decribed in the temperature (degree celsius) control looks like:

stop -  20
slow 20 25 
fast 25 35
full 35 

The function syntax of the Buffalo /usr/local/sbin/miconapl program.

miconapl -a <bz_imhere|bz_melody> <TEMPO> <TONES>
miconapl -a <bz_on> <boot|button|finepix|on3off3|on4off2(?)|on5off3|stop>
miconapl -a <fan_get_speed|int_get_switch_status>
miconapl -a <fan_set_speed> <stop|slow|fast|full>
miconapl -a <hdd_set_power> <hdd0|hdd1|all_on> [off]
miconapl -a <led_set_on_off|led_set_brink> [diag] [func] [info] [link] [power] [off]
miconapl -a <led_set_code_error|led_set_code_information> <1-99|off>
miconapl -a <led_set_cpu_mcon> <diag|power|off> [on]
miconapl -a <mcon_get_version>
miconapl -a <reboot|shutdown_wait>
miconapl [-b] -a <boot_end|boot_flash_ok>

Hardware Details

Fan 40 x 10 mm, 12VDC 3 wire, 0.8 W, 6200 RPM, 7 CFM, 25 dB-A, 16 EUR, $37 with shipping
Manufaturer: ADDA, Part Number AD0412LX-G76-LF, old scheme

  AD = Adda brushless DC fan
  04 = Frame size = 40 mm
  12 = 12 VDC
  L  = Speed Low
  X  = Bearing type HYPRO bearing
  G  = Thickness 10 mm
  7  = Impeller number 7 blades
  6  = Function by transistor with speed sensor
  LF = ?
Replacement 3$ + 6$ shipping

2007-04-15 danmiles, Replacing Linkstation Fan Just finished changing out the fan in my Linkstation 250. A couple of notes on the instructions given elsewhere...

07-Jun-2008, 09:12 AM #19 rradarr Try some oil! Hi - I've had the same problem with my Linkstation, but I've managed to return it to it's original as-new silent running with a clean and a small drop of sewing machine light engine oil. I still took the unit apart first, used an air spray to remove the dust, and then carefully applied the oil into the hub. Saved me a fiver on the fan with p&p. By the way - don't use WD40; it's not suitable for this task.

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