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I own a HP1631D Logic Analyzer (build 1984), with 40 channels State-, 16 channel Timing-Analysis and 2 analog channels (oscilloscope). The HP1630 is a pure Logic Analyzer, the HP1631 has in addition an oscilloscope plug in.

The oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 50 MHz and a sampling rate of 200 MHz.

As accessory I have a preprocessor for RS232, RS449 and GPIB bus and the suitable Inverse Assemblers.

The draw back is the wight (18 kg), power consumption (275-300 W) and the noise (63 dB(A)).

When you click on a picture, you will get in full size.



The following manuals can be downloaded from Agilent, search with google:

Take care, they changed the fan from 230 VAC to 12 VDC with the new PSU, page 7-12 in the service manual (Thanks to Anders):

Fan noise reduction

It is possible to reduce the noise of the fan. To open the housing, you have to loosen (center one) or remove (feet) the screws, which are marked with an red arrow in the pictures to the right.


In order to reduce the noise of the equipment I first have to figure out, what fan is build in

As lower noise alternative:

As a result, the NMB fan is less noisy. Measuring the noise in 1 m distance gives:



You can buy from HP a General Purpose Probe Interface HP10269B, which takes the Pods from the logic analyzer. Then you can plug in underneath specific interfaces, in my case a Bus Preprocessor, see picture on the right.

The most versatile plug in board is the Bus Preprocessor HP10342B which can analyze HPIB, RS232 and RS449 bus signals. The bus will be connected via flat cable with a standard D-plug. An overlay foil for the preprocessor helps to match the right pods to the right place, suitable to the application.

You can get software from HP (Inverse Assembler) which shows the signals of the analyzed bus in clear text.


Inverse Assemblers are available for example:

For the Bus Preprocessor the follwing files are available:

As an example the GPIB analyze text screen (command Beep) with Bus Preprocessor HP10342B and Inverse Assembler (IHPIBc & IHPIBi):

   1 State Listing____________________Data Acquired Apr 13 2007 09:58
   2                                                REMOTE        <|
   3 Label> ADDR          ATN  Mnemonic  HEX EOI  SRQ  REN  IFC  STAT
   4 Base > [HEX]  [                   ASM                    ]  [HEX
   6 [Mark]   X    [               Instructions               ]   X$
   8 -0003*   0           ATN   TAG_00   40            REN        DA
   9 -0002*   0           ATN   *UNL*    3F            REN        DA
  10 -0001*   0           ATN   LAG_04   24            REN        DA
  11 +0000    0                   B      42            REN        DB
  12 +0001    0                   P      50            REN        DB
  13 +0002    0                   ;      3B            REN        DB
  14 +0003    0                 <LF >    0A  EOI       REN        D9
  15 +0004*   0           ATN   TAG_00   40            REN        DA
  16 +0005*   0           ATN   *UNL*    3F            REN        DA
  17 +0006*   0           ATN   LAG_04   24            REN        DA
  18 +0007*   0           ATN    GTL     01            REN        DA

For more details about the Inverse Assembler have a look at HP1652InverseAssembler.

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