HP1652B GPIB Probe Adapter

Because I made good experience with a GPIB bus preprozessor on a HP1631D Logic Analyzer, I liked to port the functionality to the HP1652B.

The start was an passive adapter board for POD 1.

Next comes an Inverse Assembler, see in page HP1652InverseAssembler.

2016-08-15 Revision 1.1: corrected GPIB signal NRFD

Adapter board POD 1 - GPIB



In order to troubleshoot the GPIB bus, I liked to have an easy and reliable connection to the bus. In order to have it quickly I wired the connectors with wirewrap, see the picture on the right side..

In opposite to the HP manual 01652-40902 page 2-5, I did not add the 8.2 pF capacitor parallel to the 90,9 KOhm (or 91 KOhm) resistor, because I got a ringing on the DAV rising edge, which triggered the data collection twice.

For documentation purpose I created a schematic HP1652_GPIB.pdf and also down-loadable as an Eagle7 file HP1652_GPIB.sch in order to make it easier to generate a printed circuit board. On the right side you see a graphic (.PNG) cutout for quicker viewing. A mouse click on the graphic will enlarge it.

For trouble shooting the adapter, or special measurements I added test pins with 2.54 mm spacing.

In order to protect a little bit the +5V supply from the HP1652B against short, I added two jumper pins.

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