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Network issues

If you use Windows 7 and want to connect to other SMB shares, you will be asked for a password, which often does not help to get a connection, even it does work from the other computer to Windows7. The reason is a more severe UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 7. In order to allow a practical use of SMB shares use regedit to make it more user friendly:

regedit key:

With a right mouse click in the free field on the right create a new DWORD 32-bit
Name: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy
Value: 1

Automatic Logon

In order to start Windows 7 without typing in the user password, you can change it to an automatic logon with the standard user password. Do the following procedure:


Windows 7 version 32/64 bit

The command winver does show some details but unfortunately not if it is a 32/64 bit version.

With the keys windows + pause a window opens which shows the installed 32/64 bit version type.

Windows 7 screen shot

Click on the Windows symbol, and enter in the search field the text Snipping tool. Click on the found program, then draw a frame around your wanted area of the screen. Next you can print this area, or save it as a file.

Windows 10 CPU Load

Windows 10 does no longer have the CPU Load indicator (round). The solution is:

Windows 10 HowTo

Please see at Links #2 for some HowTos to Windows 10.

  1. How to Delete Jump Lists All at Once on Windows 10 - open the File Explorer and enter in the search field:

    1. %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

    2. %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations

    3. Mark all files with alt A und delete them.

  2. How To Clear The Jump Lists In Windows 10 - Window 10 button, click on Settings, click on Personalisation

    1. click on Start, button OFF "Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar"

  3. How to increase the thickness of the Blinking cursor in windows 10 - Window 10 button, click on Settings, click on "Easier use"

    1. Select "Ease of Access Center" and "Make the computer easier to see"
    2. Click on More Options and “set the thickness of the cursor”.

    3. The default thickness is 1
  4. How to Disable Recent Files and Frequent Folders In Windows 10 -
  5. Top 4 ways to Print files on Windows 10 -
  6. How to switch back to dark theme in windows 10 -
  7. How to Make Windows 10 Desktop items and text Bigger in size -
  8. Add items and customize extended menu of send to in Windows 10 - Window 10 button, enter "run" in the search field
    1. Click on "Run" and enter in field "Open" the text shell:sendto

    2. Create a Link of the wanted program and copy the Link into the SendTo folder

  9. How To Increase The Number Of Items In Windows 10 Jump Lists (default 15 items) - use the program regedit

    1. navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

    2. click right and create with new the key JumpListItems_Maximum as DWORD (32 bit) Value

  10. With a ricght click on the Windows 10 command button (lower left) you get a text menu.

Windows 7 hard disk restore

I recently had a hard disk failure because of a short power supply drop. The first partition was no longer mountable and the operating system does no longer boot. With a disk scan program testdisk I figured out, that sector LBA 132 had an read error.

When booting a Windows 7 DVD, I saw a repair posibility, but it did not work. So it must be made manally, but how? I found a helful german web page which explains how to get a console window with SHIFT+F10. The mentioned commands are:

$ bootrec /fixmbr      # fix Master Boot Record - OK
$ bootrec /fixboot     # fix Boot Loader - error: Element not Found
$ bootrec /RebuildBcd 

The error Element not found was explained on this web page. The Boot partition (first partition) was no longer set active. The suitable tool is diskpart.exe. The following commands made the Boot partition active:

$ help or /?         # list all available commands
$ list disk          # show connected hard disks
$ select disk 0      # select the first hard disk
$ list partition     # show the contained partitions
$ select partition 1 # select partition 1 (first one)
$ active             # set selected partition active
$ exit

Now the last steps could be done:

$ bootrec /fixboot     # fix Boot Loader - OK
$ bootrec /RebuildBcd  # search for installed OS versions
# it took several minutes to find the OS partition

Reboot the PC

The problem was solved.

Python 3

Since Python 3.4 for Windows a utility named py.exe will be installed. It is for universal start of different Python versions. Please see also at Link #3.

An example for installing the module pyserial for Python 3:

> py -3 -m pip install pyserial

If you specify for the Python Version just -2 or -3, the most modern installed version is used.

  1. Tasl-Manager, Systray

  2. Tipps to Windows 10

  3. Python 3 installing

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