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The Form macro displays forms based on database records. The records can be edited or deleted. New records can be inserted. The macro also supports sub forms, filters and table views. Currently connections to SQLite, ODBC, MySQL and Oracle DB connections are supported. Of course any database source accessible by ODBC is supported. Even connections to SQLite attachments are supported, please see for a live example at Recipes .

Please have a look at the original description.

Macro Form update

Now, with the updated version, the macro does now work in MoinMoin 1.9.7. The user TestTest was so friendly and fixed the bugs, caused by an internal change of the API in MoinMoin.

In order to help to adopt other Macros to the new API, I made a diff from old to new version:

<         self.post_args = request.form
>         self.post_args = request.values
<             value = self.post_args.get(field_key, [None])[0]
>             value = self.post_args.get(field_key, None)
<             index = form['index']
<             records = form['records']
>             index = form.get('index', 0)
>             records = form.get('records', [])
<             value = self.post_args.get(field_key, [u''])[index]
>             value = self.post_args.getlist(field_key)[index]

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