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In order to backup the user pages and plugin data the folder wiki/data/ should be saved.

The best tool for that job is in my opinion rsynch. The attachment data backup with rsynch I have already described in the page MoinAttachmentsBackup.

The daemon mode of rsynch I have described in RsyncDaemonMode.

Backup in Mac OS X

In Mac OS X there is a freeware GUI for rsynch named backupList+.
If the server is in-house the easiest method is to connect to the server via Finder.

I could not figure out why the local wiki/data/ folder is set to read only after the backup, so you could no longer start the local Desktop Edition server. A solution is to call up the information box of the local wiki/data/ folder, open the lock on the lower right corner with password acknowledge, then click on read right beside the owner of the folder, and select read/write. In the extension box click on apply also on all sub objects.

The parameter setup is:

Destination: moin-1.9.x/wiki

Source files: moin-1.9.x/wiki/data

Extended/Settings: No mark at "Backup to folder named:"
                   Mark at "Use Rsynch delete option"

Another problem is the cache. The cache must be cleared after each backup, in order to run the local moinmoin standalone installation.

To make the handling easier, I wrote a little shell script start_wiki9.command to do the maintenance and start the local moinmoin standalone installation for testing.

# After a "rsync" backup from the server the local cache
# must be cleared in order to operate the local server.
# First figure out the path.
# 2011-08-03 RudolfReuter

echo Clear cache of wiki
BASEDIR=$(dirname $0)

./moin maint cleancache
echo "Now start wiki server on http://localhost:8080"
echo "Finish with strg + C"

echo "The log file is in 'moin_rot.log'"

When you start the script, a terminal window opens, and the local Python web server starts on port 8080.

Then navigate to http://localhost:8080

To finish the local web server type CTRL C in the terminal window.

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