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Since MoinMoin 1.9 you can choose from two drawing tools: TWikiDraw and (new) AnyWikiDraw.

TWikiDraw is available in MoinMoin since quite a while and a bit outdated meanwhile. We still provide it for compatibility with existing drawings.

AnyWikiDraw is a special version for wikis of JHotDraw7, a successor of TWikiDraw with a modern user interface and a few very cool features.

Since Java 8 (test 2015-03-18) security is a major topic. If your Java program does not have a certificate, you must define an exception URL, for example "http://www.rudiswiki.de". Preferably the protocol should be https, but then take care, that your wiki login must be renewed.




Rendering of a AnyWikiDraw drawing


Test Graphic (Grid = 5.7 -> 2 mm per line): anywikitry.adraw

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