Quadrocopter Frame Design

A wooden frame like from Hobbyking (see Link) is functional and cheap. But after several crashes gluing will no longer help, and you have to buy a new one. The landing gear is very weak. The best what you can take over to your next frame are the plastic screws and spacers.

A good design I have seen is from Arducopter, see Link. Just the price $170 is a little bit high.

The same is for the Aeroquad Frame made mainly from aluminum, see link (about $200).

An Airframe made mainly from Carbon-, Fiberglass for $95 is a bit cheaper.

What you can see with those commercial frames, there is a trend for an easy and quick repair ;) .

2012 - This Quadrocopter is given up, because of the lack of flight stability.

2014-12 - A new EPP frame with All-In-One Controller with GPS was build up. This time the flight stability was OK, see QuadrocopterFrameEPP.

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Alu / Gfk Frame

At my second quadrocopter frame my design goal was:



The ESC (MPX, see Link) and battery plugs (XT60, see Link) are glued to the upper center plate (bottom) first with UHU-POR, after wiring additional with hot glue.

The voltage distribution wires are crossed in the center. There, the insulation is partially removed, and the connection is soldered.

The current sensor is mounted with 2 screws M2 x 10 mm.

The TURNIGY 3~8S Voltage Detector (see Link) is mounted via velcro band to an angle.

Two cables are routed to the electronics:



The landing gear was taken from a T-Rex 500, and ordered via Ebay (see Link).

The battery was mounted in between, see pictures on the right:

The Shield board on top of the Arduino Mega board was mounted with screws and posts made from Nylon. In between is the flipped over top cover of the housing box.

For the metal screws Hex locknuts (see Link) are used only.

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