MultiWii Logging via Bluetooth

In order to optimize the PID parameters, I like to log the flight values for further evaluation.

The simples way for me looks like to use a Bluetooth Module.

The way to access the data looks like to sample the OSD data.

On Screen Display data

From Rurek, OSD for MultiWii This is a single, two sided board. Datalogger sends data to *.csv file, look to attachment.
Data for artificial horizon is taken from MWC processing angle[pitch] and angle[roll] - so it is combined data taken from IMU.
The OSD use own Mega32 CPU.
The OSD request data from MultiWii every 100ms (letter "O"), but get less data than Alex's GUI in PC connected mode. This is not affected to cycle times because you can read these times only with GUI connected (that affects more than OSD )

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