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Now (2015-03-16) MultiWii version 2.4 with GPS navigation is official available, before it was 2.3 r1729 (2014-12-02).

But how to do mission planning?

A description of my quadrocopter with MultiWii AOI flight controller from Hobbyking is here.


Other tools in the mwptools suite include:

Build the Programs

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in the VirtualBox version 4.3.24, under Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.2.

Download the ZIP archive and unzip it in you home folder.

Please read the documentation in the folder docs. For me especially the file ubuntu-deps.txt was very important. Install all the needed programs and libraries. Last make the programs:

$ cd mwptools-master

$ ./makeall.sh

# edit file "/home/<user>/.bashrc"
# add the line:
export XDG_DATA_DIRS=/usr/share:$HOME/.local/share:

# logout and login to activate the inserted line

Under Ubuntu I have installed the GTK application menu. The 4 mwptool programs are listed under folder miscellaneous.

The is one specialty with program MultiWii planner. If you click on the menu entry, the program will start with the FC type chooser dialogue (title MW Version), but if you click on button execute, the program will exit.

The problem solution is, to click on Application/Accessories/Main menu, and select miscellaneous/MultiWii planner. Then click on properties and mark Launch in Terminal, quit with click on OK. After that MultiWii planner will start in a window.

Preferences and Settings

Preferences and default settings are stored using GTK+3 gsettings. The path is:


The Dock settings are stored in path:


Bluetooth Connection

The most convenient serial connection to you copter is via Bluetooth. For the setup, please see QuadrocopterBluetooth.

To use the serial Bluetooth connection under VirtualBox is a little bit tricky. Click on the VirtualBox Machine Ubuntu Properties/USB. Then select the tab serial interface and edit in field File Path your path of the paired Bluetooth connection. For Mac OS it could be /dev/tty.MultiWii-DevB.

Under Ubuntu you select in MultiWii planner in field Device the path /dev/ttyS0, and click on Connect.


MWPlanner usage

The main window of MWPlanner can be seen in the screen shot on the right (click on the screen shot to enlarge).

I have just started to use the program, so it will need a while to get used to it, even if the description is good.

Unfortunately you can not resize the window, so it is difficult to fit it in the VirtualBox window.

In order to be compatible with EZ-GUI (Version 3.128.189, 2015-03), you have to change the version number in the mission file from 8 to 7:

<VERSION value="2.3 pre7">

MWPlanner Arch Linux

Because of problems with libraries, it is necessary to use Arch Linux, which has actual libraries.

Unfortunately the desktop menu does not work. So, my start method is:

$ cd ~/Install/mwptools-master/mwp/
$ ./mwp

# When asked for the MW Version, click on "MutliWii post 2014-10-16"

  1. rcgroups.com info for MultiWii version 2.4

  2. EZ-GUI mission planner info from Leo

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