Quadrocopter MultiWii 2.3 HK board

Because the partly self constructed controller hardware did not seem to be very stable in function, I decided to buy a new controller (Mega) board from company http://www.hobbyking.com (Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller V. 2.0) for about 42 EUR, including barometer and compass. A connection for a GPS module is also provided.

So, I will try another start with the updated MultiWii software version 2.3 (2013-11-09).

This documentation just tells the important details, and not the basics. If you are a beginner, please read first the documentation at http://www.multiwii.com.

The MultiWii Configuration Program is a very helpful program to change control (PID) parameters and adjust sensors.

You have to take care to always match the version number of the MultiWii control program and configuration program, otherwise it may not work.

In order to make changes to this program, you have to setup your own development environment.




Hardware Test

The up to date version of Arduino software is now 1.0.5.

The first test is to connect the HK board via micro-USB cable to the PC.

Setup Development Environment for MultiWiiConf

Because I have not found any good description how to compile the MultiWiiConf program under MAC OS X, I like to describe that for reference.

Although the MultiWiiConf program opens in Arduino you need Processing to compile it, see link. It has a similar GUI than the Arduino GUI.




NEO-6M GPS board

The Ublox NEO-6M module has the following features:

The file NEO6M_MultiWii_config_149913271X916941X57.pdf shows the changes in the MultiWii file config.h.

The Hobbyking board has the following interface, see Neo6m_schematic_512530569X967X52.jpg:

The data and supply connection to the Hobbyking MultiWii board is documented in MultiWii_AIO_MuliWii_Gaza07_998673411X846863X42.pdf, page 3.

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