Buying the tinySA

There are currently (October 3, 2020) no clone tinySA. All are genuine and manufactured by hugen.

Various persons bought some small amount of tinySA and are now selling them on various sites. The sellers listed below are official partners and are guaranteed to deliver good service in case of problems.

Pre-order means there is currently no stock but a next batch of tinySA is being manufactured and as soon as these are available (usually within one month) the pre-ordered products will be shipped in order sequence.

The tinySA is available at '''''' \For other payment methods, such as Paypal, hit the "chat now" button and Maggie will help you\At the right top of the browser window there should be "my messages" where you will have a better overview of your messages

The tinySA is available at '''AliExpress'''

A special warning on buying from other sellers on AliExpress. Sometimes sellers use a listing of one product that has been selling for some time with good reviews and change the product name, picture and description to another product. This creates the impression the seller has been selling many products with good reviews. It is strongly suggested you only buy from the store referenced in the above link to prevent disappointment

The tinySA is available at '''R&L Electronics''' in the USA The tinySA is no longer available in Europe at the '''Danish amateur radio shop'''

How to recognize a genuine tinySA.


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