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The tinySA is a small spectrum analyzer, primarily intended for 0.1MHz to 350MHz input but it has some nice other capabilities:


Introduction and other videos

A short 7 minute video introducing the main features of the tinySA can be found here. More videos in my YouTube channel

There are a number of video reviews of the tinySA by IMSAY Guy on YouTube. If you go there, make sure you also watch the later videos as IMSAY Guy was still learning how the use the tinySA in his first videos.

Sort of manual

For those that prefer to read a document instead of browsing a wiki, Kurt Poulson was so kind to write an extensive document explaining various aspects of the tinySA for a Danish Amatuer Radio magazine. The English version can be found here. Kurt describes the operation of the signal generator and spectrum analyzer functions and explains how to update the Firmware. The document contains many screen captures of example measurements.

Main subjects covered in this wiki:

The name tinySA and the tinySA logo is a trademark owned by us. Nobody else is allowed to use the name tinySA for any spectrum analyzer product without written permission.

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