Capturing OOK ISM Transmissions

Many On Off Keying ISM transmission are very short. Ideal to see if the trigger function of the tinySA is useful.

First setting a 10MHz wide scan around 433MHz to find the frequency of the transmitter The trigger level is set to -70dBm, trigger mode to NORMAL and the signal is captured using the telescopic antenna connected to the high input


You can see in the status panel the triggering is ARMED so any new signal will be shown automatically

Now the frequency is known we set the tinySA to zero span mode and try to capture the whole transmission using single trigger and a scan time of 100ms


Once the single trigger happened the status display changes from ARMED to PAUSED

To get some insight in the bit timing the scan time is reduce to 30ms


Using the markers in delta mode the bit timing is found to be 1.25ms.


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