Adding an LNA

Sometimes you need a bit more sensitivity while still being portable. This is easily done through one small modification of the tinySA

Start with soldering a single female Dupont connector to one of the Vdd points at the edge of the PCB.


Warning: Maximum current drawn is 100mA. Monitor the temperature of the tinySA, if hot, switch off. Too much current drawn will destroy your tinySA

Next is to make a small hole for the Dupont connector and put the tinySA back into the housing.


After connecting a cheap LNA that gives 30dB amplification without noticeable noise and setting the RBW to 3kHz the noise floor is at a whopping -135dBm and the -80dBm signal is clearly visible. Be aware the LEVEL/EXTERNAL AMP setting is used to cater for the applied amplification so the displayed levels are still correct.


Combined with the small telescopic antenna the tinySA is ready to do some QRM hunting



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