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 * '''MARKER X''' The number indicates the marker (screen legend)  * '''Screen legend''': MARKER '''X''' The number indicates the marker

Marker Type Menu

Each marker can have a number of attributes

  • REFERENCE defines the marker used to calculate the values of the DELTA marker. There can only be one REFERENCE marker. Color white and labeled R'

  • NOISE is a noise marker. Its level display is normalized by RBW per Hz and labeled N

  • DELTA gives the frequency and the signal level relative to the one REFERENCE marker. Color green and labeled D. When the display unit is set to dBm this delta marker is equivalent to dBc

  • TRACKING enables automatic positioning of the marker at the strongest signals. Tracking markers are labeled T

  • NORMAL is a marker without any of the other attributes, colored yellow.

Each marker can be set to TRACKING. The first marker with tracking active will be automatically positioned to the strongest signal. The second marker with tracking active will be positioned to the next strongest signal and so on.

A signal is only recognized as maximum if it is at least NOISE LEVEL dB above the surrounding signal minima. If no maximum is found a tracking marker is positioned at the start of the trace.

  • Screen legend: MARKER X The number indicates the marker

  • Each marker can have certain options (MARKER/MODIFY MARKER/MARKER x/) such as
  • R= Reference (used for calculation of the delta markers)
  • D= Delta, level and frequency calculated in relation to reference marker
  • N= Noise marker, display the level as /Hz to eliminate impact on noise measurement of selected RBW
  • T= Tracking, automatically position to the (next) strongest signal
  • S=Stored, marker positioned on stored trace


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