Scan LOW Synch

Since the firmware version 1.1-94 there you have a trigger pulse output on SMA connector HIGH, when you set LOW to Output.. If the electic load is high (>22KOhm) the amplitude is about 3 V.

This trigger pulse is used to synchronize an oscilloscope sweep scan, in order to get a steady display.

Application DSO Frequency Response

My first idea to test this new feature was to measure my Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) frequency response.

The tinySA scans its input frequency range either in start/stop mode or in center/span mode. The number of points displayed is always 290. The number points scanned is minimum 290 but when the RBW is set to automatic the number of points scanned is increased when needed to ensure coverage of the whole frequency range

The scanning is limited to the frequency range of the selected MODE.


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