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== Storage Menu ==

This menu allows setting and clearing the stored trace

 * '''STORE TRACE''' writes the current measurement to the green trace. Click again to store again.
 * '''CLEAR STORED''' removes the stored trace.
 * '''SUBTRACT STORED''' subtracts the stored trace from the current measurement. Make sure to adjust the REF LEVEL in the [[TinySA-LEVEL|LEVEL]] menu to make the calculated trace visible. The current measurement is stored if there was no stored trace.
 * '''NORMALIZE''' will store the current scan and subtract this stored scan from future measurements. This will show the difference in input level compared to the scored scan. '''NORMALIZE''' is the same as '''STORE TRACE''' followed by '''SUBTRACT STORED'''. Use '''CLEAR STORED''' to deactivate '''NORMALIZE'''. After storing the trace a keypad allows for updating the ref level. As the normalized trace is around 0dBm the ref level must be set to a positive value to show the normalized trace. Setting the ref level to 50 centers the normalized trace vertically on the display.
 * [[TinySA-DISPLAY|BACK]] returns to the display menu.


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