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Typo3 2 MoinMoin

Because Typo3 is more and more difficult to maintain, I wanted to move my most important model aeroplane web page to my https://moinmo.in/ wiki. OK, they are in the time range from 2005 to 2012, but some informations are still valid today.

Fortunately I got help from Reimar Bauer's software Coconuts documentation.

Coconuts is an open source software library in Python which interacts with a MoinMoin wiki. It can be used to create snapshots of given URLs. This makes refactoring of existing web pages much easier.

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See Coconuts install.

# for Ubuntu 16.04
$ mkdir Install  # if not yet made
$ cd Install

# download archiv
$ wget https://coconuts.icg.kfa-juelich.de/hg/coconuts-0.5/archive/tip.tar.gz

# extract archiv
$ tar -xzf tip.tar.gz

$ cd coconuts-0-5-66bb61002551

# I do not want to install as a Python dist-package for easier access.

$ pip2 install pillow

$ sudo apt-get install libtidy-0.99-0


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